Respiratory System Disorders and Therapy

Guus vd Bie, Christa van Tellingen
From a new Dynamic Viewpoint
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In this Companion, the experience of three of our own patients with asthma and pneumonia is used as backdrop for our study of airway disorders. Most physicians and therapists know people with asthma and pneumonia from own experience and will readily recognize the descriptions we provide.

Using the innovative 4-step approach, the Companion will lead you through a study of airway disease that eventually opens up to a wider view with new insights and advanced avenues of treatment for respiratory disorders in general.

Our research led us to reevaluate the part rhythm plays in the healthy respiratory tract and in the treatment of its disease. Consequently, rhythm is the subject of the final paragraphs of this Companion.

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Auteur Guus vd Bie, Christa van Tellingen
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